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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy FXCA (hereinafter referred to as the company) provides financial products and its services, content, functions and technologies (hereinafter referred to as the service) for customers to use, and has formulated the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this policy). The company will comply with this policy and the relevant laws on the protection of personal information, and strive to properly protect the personal information of customers. This policy is used to describe how the company will obtain, manage and protect customers’ personal information, and how customers can manage personal information. This policy applies to all personal information collected and submitted through any website of the company (hereinafter referred to as this site). And from the time the customer visits this site and starts to use the service, the company will regard the customer as having agreed to the content of this policy. When customers visit other third-party websites from this site, this policy also applies to the websites or content they go to. The company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the website that the customer goes to. Please evaluate the content of this site by yourself before using it. The personal information mentioned in this policy is used to identify whether the customer belongs to a specific individual or whether the existence of the person is true information (hereinafter referred to as personal information), if it contains anonymous information, it will not be regarded as personal information.

1. Acquisition of personal information

When providing this service, the company will request some personal information from customers. However, based on the privacy protection of minors, even if notified, we will not request or manage their personal information from customers under the age of 20.
・Contact information such as name, address, phone number, birthday, gender, nationality, occupation, email address, password, name of the company or organization where you work, job title, company location, etc.
・My number and other specific personal information.
・Related documents issued by state agencies, such as identification documents or residential address documents.
・Bank-related information such as credit card information and bank account balances, transaction records, and usage details.
・Information related to the representative of the company or group, business content, information related to the ultimate beneficiary, and other corporate information.
・A record of the use of this service by the package bank, such as cookie information and access records.
・Communication information such as the device used or location information (including IP address, browser information, browser language, etc.).
In addition, when the customer uses the company’s customer service, in order to improve the service quality, the telephone customer service will record the content of the call.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information obtained by the company from customers will be used for the following purposes within the necessary scope. Including verification of personal information through other agencies that manage customers’ personal information.
・When the customer’s identity verification is required to complete the customer’s account opening.
・In order to provide this service to customers.
・In order to ensure the safety of customer accounts and transactions.
・To complete payment or refund.
・Assess the correctness of the customer’s personal trustworthiness for the business partner of the company.
・Necessary contact with customers when using this service.
・When sending promotional information about our products or services.
・Service improvement and function development to meet customers’ needs for the use of this service.
・According to the content of the service, when the service is individually customized according to the needs of the customer.
・In order to prevent the misuse of credit cards.
・In order to prevent money laundering.
・To fulfill the legal obligations of the company or to resolve disputes that may arise in the operation of the company.

3. Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent the misuse, loss, and unauthorized access of customers’ personal information, the company implements encryption of personal information and multi-channel electronic authentication procedures as countermeasures. In addition, the authority to access personal information held by the company will be limited to employees and partners of the company. And security measures will be adjusted at any time according to the evaluation results.
The company will make every effort to protect the personal information of customers, but the company cannot guarantee that any negligence or operational error will not occur, or that it will be able to fully defend against threats from illegal access or that may cause security damage.
When the company determines that the customer’s personal information is no longer needed, it will ensure that the personal information will be properly disposed of. However, if there is a dispute to be resolved, abuse prevention, or related obligations arising from the law, the company will retain the customer’s personal information for a certain period of time.

3.1. How personal information is handled for residents of the European Economic Area

If the customer is a resident of the European Economic Area, the company will obtain and manage the customer’s personal information in accordance with local laws. Due to the particularity of online services, when the customer’s personal information needs to be transferred to other jurisdictions, the company will transfer it after obtaining the customer’s consent. In addition, customers can change their intentions at any time regarding the company’s use of customers’ personal information.

4. Customer Rights

Customers have the right to decide whether to submit the designated personal information to the company. However, refusal to provide some or all of the services provided by the company will not work properly. Customers can stop receiving the following correspondence from the company at any time. Or clear cookies or refuse cookie access through browser settings. ・A notification letter for market research regarding the content of our products or services. ・News mail ・Other electronic notifications Customers have the right to log in to the management page to update personal information at any time.
If a customer has any questions about his or her personal information, corrects it, or needs to delete it, the company will accept it after confirming that it is the request made by the customer. For this purpose, the client may be charged the fees incurred (including the fees required for the examination of the application, the retrieval of data, acquisition, examination, and copies).

5. About Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

When providing financial products and services to our customers, we may disclose personal information to the following third parties.
・Successor of the company’s business
・Banks (if requested to provide other personal information)
・Credit card companies, courts, local regulators
・Other companies that provide IT technical support to the company
・Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, brokers, etc., individuals or organizations entrusted by clients and requesting the provision of personal information to the Company on behalf of clients.
・Transaction record agency or other similar agency.
・Monitors or other business operators who monitor, support, or provide advice, and other relevant advisors.
However, the company will not provide customers’ personal information to third parties except in the following specific cases.
・When the customer himself agrees or wishes.
・When the Company is required to present it by law or regulation.
・When the company’s business has to be inherited by another person due to reasons such as company merger.
・When an affiliated company of our company requests to present it.
・When authentication is required with the customer’s bank or credit card company due to payment methods such as credit cards.
・For the production of anonymous data statistics (sex, age, etc.)
・The customer’s information is known to the company before it is provided.
・When the company judges that it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of the company.
・When the company judges that it is necessary to prevent immediate personal injury or property damage.
・When the Company judges that there is a valid reason for presentation other than the above.

6. About the Use of Cookies

A cookie refers to a small file stored in the hardware that the server will send to the client’s computer or mobile browser when the client asks the website. Through the use of cookies, various needs of customers can be collected and used to improve the company’s services. Cookies are collected in an anonymous form and cannot reveal the identity of the customer. Before the customer receives the cookie, a warning will appear on the web page, and the customer can choose whether to refuse to receive the cookie, or decide whether to agree to receive each time they receive it. However, if you refuse to accept cookies, some functions of this service may be blocked.

7. About the use of Google Analytics

In order to publish advertisements related to customers, the company will use the traffic analysis tool “Google Analytics” issued by Google. Customers can stop advertising by Google Analytics at any time, and can also stop Google’s customized advertising services through Google’s advertising settings management page. For details, please go to the Google Analytics Terms of Service or related policies.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The company has the right to determine whether to modify the content of this policy according to the company’s internal accident evaluation after notifying the customer in advance. Changes to this policy will be published on this site, and after the change, when the customer uses the service, it will be deemed that the customer has agreed to the changes in the content of this policy. When the customer does not agree with the content of this policy, please stop using the service immediately, and notify the company by letter or email as soon as possible.

9. How to Contact Our Company

If you have any valuable comments, questions or complaints about this policy, please contact the company through the following email address.
The company will strive to provide solutions that respond to customer needs promptly and fairly.
FXCAcustomer service department
Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (excluding spring break period)

Enactment date: 2022 Year 03 Month 18 Day
Revision date: 2022 Year 05 Month 16 Day