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Index CFDs

Optimal for stable operation with risk diversification Many popular brands from each country are available

The index is calculated based on a weighted average of stocks belonging to the actual sector of the constituents.
It is an indicator of the general direction of economic activity in a particular stock market or country, and because it is risk-diversified,
it is considered more suitable for stable investment than investment in specific stocks, which tend to rise and fall sharply.
FXCA offers 6 popular index CFDs such as US30 and JP225 with leverage of up to 1:2000.

Margin Formula for Index CFDs
Lots x Contract Size x Market Price / Leverage

Index Dividends

Cash Indices are subject to dividend adjustment. (except GER40)
The dividend adjustment will be made to the trading account of the customer holding that stock index position at 00:00 on the ex-dividend date.
(GMT+2 time zone, 7 hours in winter / 6 hours in summer compared to Japan time)

Dividend adjustments are calculated and paid as follows.

Dividend Adjustment = Declared Index Dividend x Position Size in Lots

Index CFDs List

Symbol Average Spread Swap
Stop Level Adjustment
NIKKEI 6.25 N/A N/A 20% N/A
DJ30 1.22 N/A N/A 20% N/A
SP500 0.3 N/A N/A 20% N/A
NAS100 0.80 N/A N/A 20% N/A
EU50 1.36 N/A N/A 20% N/A
CHINA50 5.76 N/A N/A 20% N/A
  • Swap points are numbers per lot. Swap prices are adjusted daily based on market conditions and rates provided by our Price Provider applicable to all open positions. Triple swaps apply every Wednesday.
  • Only indexes that are scheduled to be paid within a week will be displayed as “scheduled”.

Trading Conditions

Symbol Leverage Contract Size Tick Size Min/Max Lot Trading Hours
NIKKEI 2000:1 1 50 20000 23hr
DJ30 2000:1 1 0.1 500 23hr
SP500 2000:1 1 0.1 500 23hr
NAS100 2000:1 1 0.1 500 23hr
EU50 2000:1 1 0.1 500 23hr
CHINA50 2000:1 1 0.1 500 23hr