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Terms and Conditions

Central Alliance Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company) is established in the Seychelles, licensed and regulated by the local financial authority, and operates under the name of “FXCA”. These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) are intended to explain the service provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the Service), its summary and its risks, and the basis for the Company to maintain its relationship with customers. In addition to these terms, the company and its customers must abide by the various terms published on the company’s website (hereinafter referred to as this site) and the relevant laws on anti-money laundering, improper use, and other relevant legal norms.

Article 1 (Definition)

  • 1.1. Terms appearing in these Terms, unless otherwise specified, will be based on the definitions set out below.
  • 1.1.1. The terms: refers to the company’s terms of use, the rules that customers must abide by when using the service.
  • 1.1.2. This service: refers to the financial transaction commodities, introducing broker system, and all services, contents, functions and technologies provided by the company on the trading platform.
  • 1.1.3. This site: refers to the company’s website (FXCA.com) and websites owned and operated by the company.
  • 1.1.4. Client: refers to an individual, company or group that agrees to the same paragraph and registers the company’s trading platform or concludes relevant contracts.
  • 1.1.5. Account: The ID, password, email address, and other information necessary to use the service when the customer logs in.
  • 1.1.6. Trading account: The account required by the customer to use the company’s trading platform to trade financial commodities. Each trading account has an individual trading account number.
  • 1.1.7. Balance: refers to the total amount held in the client’s trading account at this point in time.
  • 1.1.8. Bank Account: Refers to the account of a bank or other financial institution.
  • 1.1.9. Financial market: a market that conducts financial transactions and adjusts the supply and demand of financial assets and financial commodities.
  • 1.1.10. Financial commodities: refers to all commodities (including currency pairs, precious metals, energy, commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.) provided by the company.
  • 1.1.11. Derivative financial commodity transactions: refers to foreign currency exchange, stocks, bonds, gold, crude oil, etc., the price of which will be affected by the price of physical commodities and changes. It also includes futures trading, option trading, exchange trading, and financial commodity trading.
  • 1.1.12. Trading platform: refers to the tools used when trading financial products. The trading platforms provided by the company include Meta Trader 4 (MT4) and Meta Trader 5 (MT5).
  • 1.1.13. Position: refers to a contract held by the client and not liquidated.
  • 1.1.14. Order: refers to the buy or sell order issued after specifying the commodity type, order size, quantity and price when buying or liquidating a position. Contains both market orders and limit orders.
  • Market order: Refers to the order method to buy or sell at the current price by specifying only the type and transaction volume of the commodity.
  • Limit order: In addition to specifying the type of commodity and transaction volume, it also specifies the way of placing a buy or sell price.
  • 1.1.15. Trade: refers to the act of buying or selling financial commodities.
  • 1.1.16. Margin: refers to the funds delivered by the customer to the company as a guarantee.
  • 1.1.17. Effective margin: refers to the value obtained by adding or subtracting unliquidated profits and losses (including floating gains and losses) and bonuses (bonuses) to the account balance. It can be calculated by the following formula. Effective margin = balance ± unliquidated profit and loss (including floating gains and losses) + bonus (bonus)
  • 1.1.18. Margin actual maintenance rate: refers to the percentage of effective margin to necessary margin. It can be calculated by the following formula. Margin actual maintenance rate (%) = effective margin ÷ necessary margin × 100%
  • 1.1.19. Lot: It is the unit of transaction. 1 lot is 100,000 currency.
  • 1.1.20. Trading environment: refers to the specific conditions disclosed on this site, such as product specifications, trading hours, handling fees, preferential content, trading tools, etc.
  • 1.1.21. Spread: Refers to the difference between the public buying price and the selling price at this point in time, which will be used as a handling fee to be paid to the company.
  • 1.1.22. Swap: Refers to the amount of interest adjustment between two currency pairs.
  • 1.1.23. Working days: refers to Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays, and weekdays other than national holidays, usually Monday to Friday.
  • 1.1.24. Refund: Refers to the act of a customer requesting cancellation of a payment directly from the debit/credit card company or bank used by the exchange.
  • 1.1.25. Partner: Refers to an individual, company or group that promotes the company on a website or social platform operated by an individual and gets paid.
  • 1.1.26. Introducing broker remuneration: refers to the remuneration (tax-included price) paid by the company to partners through the introducing broker system.
  • 1.1.27. Force Majeure: Refers to an abnormal event that is difficult to prevent damage even if all measures are taken. Force majeure includes natural disasters caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and human-caused events such as wars, terrorist attacks, and riots, as well as communication failures caused by third parties deliberately or deliberately. Including but not limited to the above scenarios.

2.Service Outline

  • 2.1. When customers want to use this service to open an account, as long as they meet the following definitions of natural person or legal person, they are all objects to apply for the service.
    ・A person who is 18 years old or older and is an adult at the legal age in the country of residence.
    ・The country or region of residence is the target of the company’s services. (※)
    ・Be able to understand the language of the target country or region, and comply with these terms and other laws and regulations.
    ・Have sufficient understanding of the transaction process and risks, and be able to conduct transactions in accordance with your own judgment and responsibilities.
    ・Use your own funds to conduct transactions in your own name.
    ・You can receive contact from our company at any time by e-mail or telephone.
    ・Prepare an environment that can use the Internet and an operating system that can manage transactions.
    ・Complies with other standards established by our company.
    ※The following countries and regions will not be covered by the service. United States of America, Cuba, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Republic of Kosovo, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe.
  • 2.2. Although the company provides services in various languages, it does not provide services to residents of non-service target countries and regions. Residents from non-target countries and regions will not be able to access this site.
  • 2.3. If the customer is an incapacitated person (a person who lacks judgment due to a mental disorder), the consent of the legal representative is required in advance.
  • 2.4. Objects listed on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) Sanctions List (SDN List), and residents of areas where CFD trading or leveraged trading is illegal, will not be covered by this service.
  • 2.5. When the user of this service is a plurality of natural or legal persons, they will jointly and severally bear the validity and responsibility of this clause. The necessary correspondence mentioned in this clause shall refer to the representative. A notice or warning against a representative applies to all members of the group, even if an order operated by an individual in the group is considered a common act of all members of the group.
  • 2.6. The contract between the company and the customer takes effect after the account verification is completed. Unless the contract expires or is cancelled, the validity period will not be valid.
  • 2.7. In addition to the system maintenance period specified by the company, customers can conduct transactions within the specified time below. Commodities of each CFD will only be traded during specific hours; cryptocurrencies can be traded throughout the year. For detailed information on trading products and trading hours, please go to the “Trading Products” on this site to confirm.
    US Summer Time Japan time Monday 6:05 am to Friday 5:59 am(GMT+9)
    U.S. winter time Japan time Monday 7:05 am to Friday 6:59 am(GMT+9)
  • 2.8. Market orders are only accepted during trading hours. Placement of limit orders, order changes, and order cancellations can be performed outside of the trading hours in advance, but the execution must be completed during the trading hours. Within a few minutes after the start of the trading session, it may be difficult to complete the ordered operation due to system maintenance. In addition, due to factors such as market liquidity, the company may, at its own discretion, shorten the trading hours.
  • 2.9. Clients can use the following trading tools to trade.
    ・Meta Trader 4 (MT4)
    ・Meta Trader 5 (MT5)
  • 2.10. The trading platform provided by the company will contain trading software developed by third parties.
  • 2.11. Regarding the company’s trading platform, the company will not guarantee the following matters.
    ・There are any errors or defects within the trading platform.
    ・Unaffected by regular maintenance or firmware updates, the platform can be accessed at any time.
    ・Ensure that the platform is free from unauthorized access and other hazards that infringe on information security.
  • 2.12. The company has the right to add, change, and delete the trading platform at any time within the necessary scope, and the customer must agree to such changes.
  • 2.13. Customers can use the customer support services provided by the company. However, the company’s customer service can change the content of the support service or terminate the support service for specific reasons.
  • 2.14. In addition to the notifications sent through the management page, the company also uses methods which are approved by the company to notify customers. Once the notification is sent, it will be deemed that the notification to the customer has been completed. In addition, the company will send relevant preferential information about goods or services by mail. And customers can also choose whether to stop receiving, delete or reject information emails and cookies from the company.
  • 2.15. The company will record the content of telephone support with customers. In addition, the customer must agree that the company has the right to hand over the call records to the competent supervisory authority without informing the customer. Any problems and disputes between the company and customers will be recorded by the company.
  • 2.16. The trading account provided by the company will not charge customers any opening fee, maintenance fee, management fee and other fees. However, for accounts that have not conducted any trading activities within 90 days, a monthly account maintenance fee of $5 will be charged. In addition, when the balance of the dormant account drops to 0 yuan, and there is no transaction or no deposit for more than 90 days, the company has the right to notify the customer to close the account.
  • 2.17. Before starting to use this service, customers must read the “Risk Warning” carefully and understand that derivative financial products are speculative investments and high-risk transactions. Transactions in derivative financial products are only suitable for investors who truly understand their economic and legal risks and have the economic capacity to bear losses. Investors are advised to consult financial experts before judging whether they are suitable for trading derivative financial products. The company will not provide similar advice.

3. Terminate the Service or Change the Service Content

  • 3.1. In the following cases, the company will not notify the customer in advance, and can terminate the service or change the content of the service at any time.
    ・When this service cannot be provided normally due to force majeure factors such as communication failures caused by natural disasters or disputes.
    ・When there is a change in the content of regulations, etc.
    ・When the company judges that it is impossible to provide the customer with a perfect service
    In addition, the customer must agree that the company will not be held responsible if the result will cause the customer to lose profits or expand the loss.

4. Cancellation of Service and Contract Cancellation

  • 4.1. Customers can apply for cancellation of this service through the management interface at any time. However, when canceling the contract, it must be confirmed that there are no balances and unliquidated positions in the account. The termination of the contract will be completed within 7 working days after submitting the application. If the customer fails to complete the withdrawal within 7 working days, the balance in the account will be reset to zero. In addition, cancellation will not incur any fees.
  • 4.2. In the following circumstances, the company will inform the customer first and then terminate the contract.
    ・No transaction or deposit has been made for more than 1 year.
    ・When the company determines that the customer has used the service or trading platform improperly.
    ・When a third party other than the customer uses the service and violates these terms or related laws.
    ・When the company determines that the customer is unable to conduct transactions due to arrest or detention, etc.
    ・When legal procedures such as bankruptcy or asset freezing, temporary freezing or foreclosure of the customer have begun, and the company determines that the customer’s credit may be in doubt.
    ・When the company determines that the customer has violated these terms or related laws.
    ・When any improper behavior of the customer directly or indirectly affects the company.
    ・When the customer himself/herself dies.
  • 4.3. If the customer has outstanding debts to the company, after the termination of the contract for this service, the customer still has to perform the repayment obligations. In addition, the debts to be repaid include the following. ・Funds required to liquidate held positions ・The part of the transaction loss that the company bears on behalf of the customer. ・If there is a violation of the prohibition, you will need to pay for the personnel costs, transportation costs, attorney fees, etc. for the investigation. ・When the customer terminates the use of this service, the company shall bear or will bear other additional charges.
  • 4.4. If the contract cancellation of this service is proposed by the company, all unliquidated positions will be automatically liquidated, and the company will deduct the amount to be paid from the balance and return the remaining balance to the customer in full.
  • 4.5. In the event of cancellation of the contract of this service by the company, the company will retain the following rights.
    ・Decide whether to liquidate or hold some or all of your positions, or reject new orders.
    ・Balances in multiple accounts are combined and deducted from each other.
    ・Restrict customer use and access to the trading platform.
    ・Exchange the fiat currency held by the customer.
    ・Close the client’s trading account.
    ・Reject all future account registration and information authentication of the customer.

5.Open An Account

  • 5.1. When opening this service, the customer is obliged to fill in the necessary items in the form for opening an account and submit the personal information documents required by the company. And all information submitted to the company will be considered correct and up-to-date.
  • 5.2. The process of opening an account will proceed as described below.
    ・Fill in the complete personal information on the registration page and set a password.
    ・The company will send a certified letter to the customer’s email box, and attach the customer’s ID to the letter.
    ・Customers upload identity documents and proof of residence.
    ・The company will perform account verification.
  • 5.3. The company will start to provide this service after completing the account verification. The company will deem that the customer has agreed to the terms after the customer clicks the “Agree” button in these terms, or other similar buttons.
  • 5.4. Account verification is generally completed within 1 working day. And depending on what is registered, it may take longer. The customer must agree that the access to and use of the service will be partially restricted until the company completes the account verification. In addition, if there is a need for fact-checking during the certification operation, the company may request the customer to provide further required documents.
  • 5.5. The client agrees that the company has the right to decide whether to reject the account opening application or account verification.
  • 6. Management of Personal Information

    • 6.1. The company will abide by the privacy terms and relevant laws and regulations for the protection of personal information formulated by the company, and carefully manage and protect the personal information of customers.
    • 6.2. For the following purposes, the company will use the personal information submitted by customers when necessary, and promise not to use it for other purposes without the permission of the customer. Confirmation via a credit institution that may hold and manage customer guest information is also included in the scope of personal authentication.
      ・In order to complete the identity verification after the customer opens an account.
      ・In order to provide this service to customers.
      ・In order to manage customer accounts and ensure the safety of transactions.
      ・In order to perform deposit and withdrawal operations.
      ・When reviewing the legitimacy of customers’ personal information jointly with other companies.
      ・When it is necessary to contact the customer.
      ・When sending promotional information related to the company’s products or services.
      ・When improving and developing services in order to provide services more satisfying to customers.
      ・When customizing this service for individual customers according to the needs of customers.
      ・In order to prevent unauthorized use of credit.
      ・In order to prevent money laundering.
      ・In order to fulfill the legal responsibility of the company, or when the company needs to solve the problems that may be faced in the operation.
    • 6.3. Except in the following cases, the company will not provide customers’ personal information to third parties.
      ・When the customer agrees or requests the company to provide.
      ・When the presentation of the customer’s personal information is required by the laws or regulations of the jurisdiction.
      ・When the company has to transfer the business to another person due to factors such as business merger. ・When an affiliated company requests the presentation of the customer’s personal information.
      ・In the case of payment procedures such as credit cards, when the company has to confirm the personal information of the customer’s bank account or credit card company.
      ・When you have to use the customer’s personal information to create statistical data. (eg gender, age, etc.) ・The customer’s information has been widely recognized by most people before the company provides it.
      ・When the company decides that it is necessary to disclose the customer’s personal information in order to protect the rights and interests of the company.
      ・In order to prevent the company from imminent personal or property damage, the company determines that it is necessary to present the customer’s personal information.
      ・In addition to the above, when the company judges it to be a legitimate reason.
    • 6.4. When the registered personal information changes, the customer must go to the management interface to make changes as soon as possible.
    • 6.5. When the company determines that the customer’s personal information is no longer necessary or the contract is terminated, the company will properly handle the customer’s personal information. However, in order to resolve disputes that have occurred, or to prevent disputes arising from law such as improper use, the company will temporarily retain the customers’ personal information.

    7. Password Management

    • 7.1. The customer needs to keep the password set by himself and any ID number provided by the company properly, and must not pass it on to others. When the password is lost, the lost password can be retrieved using the function to retrieve the password.

    • 7.2. The company regards all transactions using the same ID number as the operation of the customer himself. If there is any infringement caused by a third party, the responsibility will be fully borne by the customer himself. If there is clear evidence that the customer’s ID number has been leaked or used by a third party, please inform the company as soon as possible and assist the company in fact-finding.

    8. Items offered and prices

    • 8.1. All financial products provided by the company can be confirmed in the “Trading products” page. In addition, after notifying the customer in advance, the company has the right to change the provided products and their trading conditions and specifications at any time, and all changes will take effect from the public on this site.

    • 8.2. The financial products provided by the company will not be handed over in kind, and the resulting profits or losses will be calculated directly from the unliquidated positions held. In addition, valuation gains and losses on unliquidated positions are estimated at the exchange rate provided by the Company.

    • 8.3. Commodity prices are calculated based on the benchmark price of the commodity, and may be different from the prices disclosed by some market data collectors or other exchanges due to factors such as spreads and overnight interest.

    • 8.4. Swap is calculated on unliquidated positions held at 6:00 a.m. Japan time (7:00 a.m. in winter time) after the NYSE closes. The company will add the overnight interest to the customer’s account within two working days after the occurrence of the overnight interest. If it falls on Saturday or Sunday, it will be added to the customer’s account on Wednesday together with the overnight interest that occurred on Monday. However, since cryptocurrencies can be traded throughout the year, the overnight interest on Saturdays and Sundays will also be issued normally.

    • 8.5. The dividend of a stock is based on whether the customer holds the stock on the dividend date. The dividend will be paid at the end of the working day before the ex-dividend. The dividend amount will be calculated and added to the client’s account balance based on the client’s position size, dividend rate, and taxes (if required).

    • 8.6. Customers must understand that there may be a price difference between the order price and the actual transaction price. The price difference may be caused by a communication barrier between the client’s device and the company’s server, or when an order is processed, a major economic indicator policy or other unexpected activities are released in a specific country. The above are possible reasons, but not limited to the above reasons.

    9. Execution of Orders

    • 9.1. When the following circumstances occur, the company has the right to set an order size limit, or temporarily stop, refuse, or cancel the transaction.
      And the company will not notify customers in advance before exercising this right.
      ・When the content of the order does not conform to the trading environment provided by the company.
      ・When the customer’s account balance is insufficient to complete the order.
      ・When the effective margin in the client’s account is less than 20% of the amount set by the company. (When the client still holds a position, if the margin ratio of the account is lower than 20%, the forced liquidation will be automatically triggered.)
      ・When a request is made by a regulatory body in the country or region, or an order is issued by a court or other authority.
      ・When it is no longer possible to hold a position.
      ・When communication is interrupted
      ・When the transaction is forcibly terminated due to force majeure events or security damage caused by earthquakes or natural disasters, or damage to the system, etc.
      ・When there is a drastic change in the market price due to the announcement of any major economic decision or sudden activity.
      ・When the customer fails to pay the debt.
      ・Orders placed for price manipulation, intended to use non-public information obtained through informal channels to influence transaction results (including insider trading), money laundering, and transactions that may have a negative impact on the stable operation of the system as judged by the company.
      ・When the content of the order is unclear, or there is doubt about the legitimacy of the order.
      ・When you intend to abuse the functions or restrictions of the trading platform, or when the company judges it to be a deliberate misconduct.

    10. About Handling Fee

    • 10.1. The company has the right to charge the customer a handling fee at its discretion when providing this service, and the customer must know and agree that the company will deduct the handling fee from the account during the transaction. In addition, when the customer clicks the “Agree to the Terms” button in these terms, or other similar buttons or links, it will be deemed that the customer has known and agreed to the relevant specifications for the handling fee of this service.
    • 10.2. All handling fees for this service can be confirmed in “Transaction Environment” and “Transaction Commodities”. However, part of the handling fee will be indicated in the actual amount, and some will be indicated in percentage.
    • 10.3. The price shown by the company to the customer includes the spread and the fluctuation. The client must ensure that in addition to the transaction amount, there is a sufficient amount to deduct the handling fee in the margin. In addition, the profit and spread generated by the transaction will be processed in the customer’s trading account and cannot be transferred to other trading accounts for calculation.
    • 10.4. The company has the right to change the handling fee of the financial products provided by the company without first notifying the customer. Changes will take effect after this site is made public.

    11. Deposit and withdrawal

    • 11.1. When depositing funds, the customer must remit the funds to the account of the financial institution designated by the company. When the money is withdrawn, the company will remit the money to the account of the financial institution designated by the customer.
    • 11.2. Customers can confirm the deposit and withdrawal methods, deposit and withdrawal fees and account arrival time provided by the company on the “Deposit and Withdrawal Methods” page of this website. In addition, the company has the right to change the deposit and withdrawal methods and other related content provided by the company at any time without first notifying the customer. Changes will take effect after this site is made public.
    • 11.3. After the customer applies for deposit and withdrawal, in order to confirm the legitimacy of the application content, the company may require the customer to provide additional supporting documents. And the customer needs to know and agree that the company will take extra time to review the application. When the company judges that the content of the application may be used improperly, it will reserve the right to reject the application for deposit and withdrawal.
    • 11.4. When the customer’s application for deposit and withdrawal is suspected of violating this clause or other relevant laws, the company will have the right to refuse or delay the processing of the client’s application for deposit and withdrawal based on internal assessment.
    • 11.5. Deposit

      • 11.5.1. When customers deposit funds into the trading account, they need to operate from the management page first. Once the deposited funds are displayed in the wallet account, they can move the funds to the trading account and start trading.
      • 11.5.2. Remittances from banks or other financial institutions and payment institutions to the company will be limited to one time a day, and in principle, the processing will be completed within one working day. And customers need to be aware and agree that during the process of remittance, there may be a delay in the arrival of the account due to any reason.
      • 11.5.3. During the remittance process, the customer shall bear the handling fee incurred by the bank or other financial institution and payment institution.
      • 11.5.4. The company only accepts remittances from bank accounts in the name of the customer, and remittances from any third finger will not be accepted. If the company determines that the remittance is from a third party, it will return the amount through the same channel.

      11.6. Withdraw Money

      • 11.6.1. The withdrawal from the trading account must be operated on the withdrawal menu in the management page. After the funds are transferred from the trading account to the wallet account, the customer can withdraw funds to the personal bank account. After applying for withdrawal, only customers who have been certified by the company with their identification documents and residency documents can apply.
      • 11.6.2. Based on the prevention of money laundering, the company shall process and process the application for withdrawal in accordance with the following procedures.
        ・The channel for withdrawal must be the same as that used for deposit, and the amount cannot be greater than the amount deposited through this channel. The profit part exceeding the deposit amount can only be withdrawn by remittance to the personal bank account in the same name as the trading account.
        ・In principle, the withdrawal of the same amount as the deposit amount should be completed within one month. If it is not completed within one month, it will be split into several completions in the following months.
        ・You must trade at least 1 lot (at least 3 lots for spread trading) before you can withdraw money.
        ・For withdrawals of more than 100,000 yuan (or the same value as 100,000 yuan), please contact our customer service before applying.
      • 11.6.3. Remittances from our company to banks or other financial institutions and payment institutions will be limited to once a day, and in principle, the processing will be completed within one working day. And customers need to be aware and agree that during the process of remittance, there may be a delay in the arrival of the account due to any reason.
      • 11.6.4. The handling fee incurred by the customer when withdrawing funds from the bank or other financial institutions and payment institutions shall be borne by the customer.
      • 11.6.5. The company only accepts customers to use the bank account of the same nationality or country of residence and the same name as the customer’s trading account to make initial funds. The company will reject all withdrawal applications or withdrawals from third parties. A withdrawal application to a third party is not acceptable.
      • 11.6.6. After the company completes the withdrawal process, it will no longer accept any application for changing the amount or canceling the withdrawal.

      12. Money Management

      • 12.1. The company entrusts the accounts for managing client funds and the accounts for managing operating funds to third-party financial institutions for management. The funds entrusted by the customer to the company are owned by the customer, and the company will not use the customer’s funds as operating funds.
      • 12.2. When the customer conducts a transaction, the customer’s margin ownership will be temporarily handed over to the company for safekeeping as a guarantee, and the ownership will be returned to the customer after the transaction is completed. The customer must know and agree to the above content. After the ownership is transferred to the company, the deposit will be regarded as the company’s obligation to the client, and the actual repayment obligation is required, but it will not have any impact on the balance in the client’s trading account.
      • 12.3. The company has no obligation to pay interest on the funds temporarily escrowed by customers when they are returned.
      • 12.4. The company has the right to deduct the company’s debt to the customer and the customer’s debt to the company. When the currency of the creditor’s rights is different, the company will convert it at the specified exchange rate and then deduct it.
      • 12.5. The company will prudently select financial institutions for fund management, regularly review and strive to improve the management system, but the company does not guarantee the payment ability and security of fund management institutions.

      13. Warranty and Statement

      • 13.1. The company will make the following guarantees and statements to customers.
      • 13.1.1. Customers must fully understand the content of these terms and use the service openly and honestly
      • 13.1.2. Customers must comply with these terms and relevant laws and regulations promulgated by their place of residence.
      • 13.1.3. After the customer completes the contract with the service, this clause has the right to bind the contractor.
      • 13.1.4. The customer starts to use the service without any persuasion or inducement. And the company has not participated in any behavior to induce the use of this service.
      • 13.1.5. Customers understand that financial products are speculative investment behaviors, which are accompanied by higher risks, and the company does not guarantee that customers’ trading activities will not cause any losses. If necessary, seek objective advice from a financial expert to assess your financial situation before you start trading.
      • 13.1.6. When the customer receives the account verification notice, please provide the company with the latest and true personal information as soon as possible.
      • 13.1.7. Customers must ensure that all information provided to the company is up-to-date and true, and does not differ from the name used by the credit/debit card and other payment channels.
      • 13.1.8. The client agrees that the company has the right to reject the client’s account opening application based on internal evaluation.
      • 13.1.9. The customer must ensure that all funds used for the deposit of this service are not guarantees or liabilities from others, and are not obtained through direct or indirect illegal acts.
      • 13.1.10. The customer shall not transfer the security rights in the account or assets to a third party without the written or other consent of the company.
      • 13.1.11. All transactions in the name of the customer’s ID number are regarded as the customer’s own behavior, and the customer must agree that in the event of a third party’s infringement of rights and interests, all its responsibilities shall be borne by the customer.
      • 13.1.12. The financial commodity transactions provided by the company can only be conducted through the company’s trading platform and cannot be transferred to other platforms.
      • 13.1.13. Customers must operate the trading platform in accordance with the contents of these terms, and shall not have any use that is deemed to be abusing the market or other improper use. Improper use includes: using time difference or server delay for trading, combining multiple accounts or other brokers for hedging and arbitrage, other behaviors that will generate illegal gains, and all transactions determined to be improper after the company’s internal evaluation.
      • 13.1.14. The customer shall bear the communication costs incurred when using this service, and the device used shall have complete information security measures.
      • 13.1.15. Regardless of action or omission, the customer shall not do anything that violates the security of the company or that may infringe.
      • 13.1.16. The customer receives the exchange rate difference profit, the spread or the remuneration of the introducing broker, etc. from the company. According to the laws applicable to the customer’s residence area, there may be a possibility of being taxed. The customer must abide by the local laws and bear the obligation to pay taxes.
      • 13.1.17. The official language of the company is Japanese, and other terms or information such as these terms and conditions written in other languages ​​shall be completed with the first consideration of convenience. In addition, if other languages ​​of these Terms conflict with the Japanese version, the Japanese version will take precedence.
      • 13.1.18. Customers have no relationship with all employees or agents of the company or employees of other related companies. Nor are they employees of securities issuers or exchanges that provide price benchmarks for the company’s financial products.
      • 13.1.19. Clients are required to declare that they are not an Important Public Person (PEP). If the customer becomes an important public figure during the effective period of the contract for this service, please notify the company as soon as possible. Public figures with important positions refer to those who hold important positions such as government-related figures, judges, police officers (or have held positions in the past) and their immediate family members or close relationships.
      • 13.1.20. Clients must ensure that they will not be or will not become the following persons. ・Members of violent organizations and those who have been separated from violent organizations for less than 3 years ・Important figures in violent organizations ・Companies related to violent organizations ・Others who meet the above conditions
      • 13.1.21. When the customer suffers any damages directly or indirectly due to the complete violation of this clause, the customer shall comply with the compensation proposed by the company as soon as possible.

      14. General

      • 14.1. All transactions made by customers are subject to the regulations of the Financial Services Commission, which may be adjusted at any time. The company will comply with these terms and other relevant laws, and has the right to take appropriate measures in this regard. Those who are not parties to these terms will have no right to enforce the terms of these terms.
      • 14.2. When some of the matters in this clause are in conflict with the laws of the customer’s residence area and are invalid or unenforceable, the validity, validity and enforceability of the content of this clause other than the contradictory part shall not be affected.
      • 14.3. Even if the Company does not take any action or demand compensation for the customer’s violation of these Terms, the behavior will still be considered a violation.
      • 14.4. Except as specifically permitted by the company, the customer shall not lend, assign or sell the rights and obligations under these terms to other natural or legal persons.
      • 14.5. If there is no other contact method specifically mentioned, the customer contacts the company through the following email address or the contact form on the management page. In addition, all notices are effective upon receipt by the Company.
        FXCAcustomer service
        Reception hours: 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (except New Year’s period)
      • 15. Prohibited matters

        • 15.1. When the customer uses the service, the conduct described in the following provisions, or the conduct judged by the company to be similar, is prohibited. If the company judges that the violation is true, the company has the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate this service contract, and can refuse the customer’s request for withdrawal; in addition, the company also has the right to claim the customer for the exchange rate profit difference that has been paid. , and all expenses incurred in the investigation of violations such as personnel expenses, transportation expenses, attorney fees, etc. Whether the customer’s behavior is prohibited behavior will be determined by the company itself, and there is no need to explain the content and basis of the judgment to the customer. In addition, if the customer refuses to comply with the company’s ruling, the company will seek legal channels.
          ・Use of this service if you are under the age of 18, or under the legal age (minor) in your area of ​​residence
          ・The customer uses fictitious information or information that is likely to cause misunderstanding by the company when registering.
          ・Register by pretending to be a non-existent person or a third party.
          ・Multiple users share the same personal account.
          ・The personal ID number of the customer who lends, transfers or sells.
          ・Whether intentional or negligent, attempt to interfere with or hinder the normal operation of the trading platform, system and network
          ・Act with intent to interfere with third-party transactions.
          ・Acts that violate the privacy of a third party, etc.
          – Acts that cause explicit damage to the reputation and credit of the company or a third party, or cause disadvantage.
          ・Deliberately or negligently sending files or files containing malware to the company.
          – Acts that infringe upon the copyright, license, trademark or intellectual property rights, portrait rights, and privacy rights of the company or its affiliated companies.
          ・The act of providing obscenity, violence, abuse, or other information that violates good customs to a third party.
          ・Providing funds or other benefits to anti-social organizations.
          ・Illegal activities or activities that may be suspected of being illegal.
        • 15.2. When the customer uses the service, the conduct described in the following provisions, or the conduct judged by the company to be similar, is prohibited. If the company has ruled that the illegal customer is prohibited from trading again, in addition to the aforementioned measures, the customer must also be liable for the loss and damage caused by the company.
          ・When using multiple accounts or through other brokers to achieve hedging arbitrage. (including highly correlated currency pairs)
          ・Collaborate with other users to engage in illicit hedging behavior at the same point in time.
          ・Abusing the bonus system or negative equity protection system provided by the company for trading.
          ・When there is a major economic policy announcement or the market fluctuates violently, abusing the connection delay or the exchange rate error to obtain illegitimate benefits.
          ・The operation of submitting a large number of orders or canceling a large number of orders without notifying the company.
          ・All other acts determined by the company to be unfair transactions.
        • 15.3. After the customer completes the account opening, the company will determine that the customer is based on the terms and conditions related to the prohibited matters, and when the company takes the above measures due to the customer’s violation of the terms, the customer will not raise any objection.
        • 15.4. Customers who participate in the Company’s Introducing Broker Program, please read the “Introducing Broker Program Terms of Use” carefully before starting to use the service. When becoming a partner or conducting promotional activities, if there is an illegal transaction reward or a violation of the terms of use of the introducing broker, the company has the right to unilaterally terminate the partnership and refuse to pay the introducing broker’s remuneration. In addition, the paid introduction broker’s remuneration and the personnel fees, transportation fees, attorney fees and other expenses incurred to verify the violations will be required to be paid by the violating customers.
        • 15.5. Customers are required to abide by the laws of the place of residence and the anti-money laundering provisions formulated by the company, and must not abuse the trading platform or remittance system provided by the company regardless of their actions or omissions. When the company finds that the customer has suspicious transaction behavior, the company has the right to freeze the customer’s account at any time, and refuse all the customer’s withdrawal application and access to the service. In addition, after receiving information from the bank or other financial institution and payment institution of the identity of the violating customer, the customer needs to assist in fact investigation as soon as possible.

        16. Disclaimer

        • 16.1. Customers need to read the “Risk Warning” carefully before using the service, and understand that investment in derivative financial products is speculative investment behavior and has high risks. All transactions made by the customer through the use of this service are at their own discretion and bear all responsibilities. Regardless of any factors that cause the customer to lose in the transaction, if it is not caused by the company’s intention or negligence, the responsibility shall be borne by the customer.
        • 16.2. In order to control the customer’s loss within a certain range, the company will implement forced liquidation when the customer’s margin ratio drops to 20%. The customer will not be notified in advance before the forced liquidation. If the forced liquidation results in the loss of the customer’s benefits or the loss is enlarged, the company will not assume all responsibility. Therefore, customers need to ensure that there is sufficient margin balance in the account, and moderately reduce the transaction volume to maintain the margin ratio.
        • 16.3. The company agrees that customers use automatic trading software (EA) to conduct transactions. However, the execution of EA is the customer’s own responsibility. If only losses are incurred due to the execution of EA, the company will not assume all responsibility.
        • 16.4. When the execution of the trading system, the deposit and withdrawal of funds are delayed or cannot be executed due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters or wars, communication failures, financial market closures, major changes in financial policies, etc. Internal evaluation decides whether to stop or modify the content of this service. The company will not be held responsible for any loss of profit or loss of the customer as a result.
        • 16.5. When the company and the company’s business partners, or the devices and other communication hardware used by customers, the network management system, server and trading platform fail or cannot be used, function is defective or cannot be accessed normally, The company will not be held responsible if the exchange rate of the financial institution for the supply price is incorrectly set (misquote), the order has been established, and the transaction is backtracked in order to correct the incorrect quote, which results in the loss of benefits to the customer or the expansion of the loss.
        • 16.6. If the bank account used by the customer is different from the name of the transaction account, the company will not be responsible for the handling fee or loss incurred in the process when the remittance of the deposit or withdrawal is canceled.
        • 16.7. For remittances initiated by banks, other financial institutions or payment institutions, or remittances initiated by the company, the company will not be responsible for any delay in arrival due to any reason. In addition, the company does not assume any responsibility for deposits that are not directly remitted to the bank account designated by the company.
        • 16.8. If the company is requested by the customer’s credit card company or other payment company to refund the refund to the customer, the company has the right to take the following measures without prior notice.
          ・Cancel or reject the order
          ・Force settlement of some or all positions
          ・Prohibition of chasing funds
          ・Freeze the account
          Due to the above measures of the company, the company will not be responsible for any loss to the customer.
        • 16.9. If the credit card company or other payment company used by the customer cannot perform the contract due to bankruptcy or other reasons, the company will not be responsible for any damages that the customer may suffer.
        • 16.10. All funds that the customer uses to deposit funds from the company shall not be the object of guarantee or liability, or any directly or indirectly acquired assets. When the company may have doubts about the source of funds for the remittance, the company has the right to freeze the customer’s account at any time. The company shall not be held responsible for any circumstance that may result in loss of profit to the customer or expansion of the loss as a result.
        • 16.11. Some of the market news and other information published in the “Latest News” on this site are the personal opinions of the author, and the company does not guarantee the accuracy and safety of the content. The customer’s investment judgment based on this reference shall be borne by the customer, and the company will not bear any responsibility for any loss.
        • 16.12. The partners participating in the introducing broker program provided by the company are independent intermediary units, and the company will bear any responsibility for the services provided by the partners and the content agreed upon between the client and the partners. In addition, customers may have to provide personal information, transaction information, and deposit and withdrawal records to partners. Before using the services provided by partners, customers must evaluate their security before using them.
        • 16.13. When customers access external links through this website or the trading platform provided by this website, the website and website content they go to are no longer within the scope of application of this clause. The company will not be held responsible for any loss or infringement on the website you visit. Please make your own judgment on whether to use it after confirming the content of the site.
        • 16.14. Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit any liability of the Company for death or personal injury, fraud, and other illegal acts caused by the Company’s negligence.

        17. About Legal Basis and Objection

        • 17.1. This clause is interpreted in accordance with the domestic laws of Japan, or if any disputes or problems that are not listed in these clauses arise, the parties concerned are requested to seek solutions through the most just and efficient channels.
        • 17.2. When this clause conflicts with the law of the place of residence of the parties, please take the law of the place of residence as the priority. Please confirm the relevant laws of the legal jurisdiction in detail before using this service.
        • 17.3. When disputes cannot be resolved, jurisdiction will transfer to the jurisdiction where the company is located. In addition, when the dispute between the parties is judged to have been completely resolved, the company will not respond to any judicial negotiation or other measures regardless of the reason.
        • 17.4. For complaints or dispute appeals about this service, please submit them through the contact form on the administration page. If the transaction has been completed for more than 3 days at the time of the complaint or dispute appeal, the company may not accept the complaint or dispute appeal. The company will try its best to complete the handling of the complaint within 3 working days after the customer submits the complaint. However, in the case of complicated investigations, etc., depending on the content of the complaint, it may take a long time. If it takes more than 7 working days, the company will report the settlement progress to the customer at that time.

        18. Changes to the Content of These Terms

        • 18.1. These Terms apply to all relationships between the Company and the Client.
        • 18.2. The company has the right to transfer the rights or obligations specified in this clause to other natural or legal persons based on an internal assessment.
        • 18.3. The company has the right to inform the customer of the remaining money or make a pre-announcement on this site, and change the content of these terms according to the company’s internal evaluation. When there are changes to these terms, the changes will take effect after the site is published, and when the customer uses the service after the change of the terms, it is deemed that the customer has agreed to the change. When the customer does not agree to the changes in these terms, please stop using the service immediately and notify the company by letter or email as soon as possible.

    Formulation date: June 23, 2022
    Rescheduled date: August 23, 2022