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Trading Conditions

Offering the highest leverage in the industry,
competitive spreads and high execution power.

FXCA provides the highest level of services in terms of leverage, spreads, contracting power, etc. to meet the needs of many customers.
With 2 type of account types; With more than a variety of trading stocks, you can choose the trading environment that suits your trading style.
In addition, we will continue to update the trading conditions and provide the best trading conditions.

Achieves double maximum leverage

With FXCA, you can trade with maximum leverage 2000 times. By using this leverage, it is possible to trade many times the amount with a small margin, and you can expect a large return. However, if the return is large, there is a big risk, so FXCA protects your valuable funds from the risk of loss due to sudden price fluctuations by setting a leverage limit. In addition, the maximum leverage varies depending on the trading stock.

Achieves the lowest spread in the industry

FXCA uses the NDD method, which does not have a dealing desk in-house. We offer the industry’s highest level of low spreads by strengthening cooperation with liquidity providers without any price fixing. With ECN accounts, we have achieved a minimum spread of pips, and customers who perform scalping trades are also satisfied with the numerical settings.


Prices of energy, including crude oil, can sometimes fluctuate significantly due to various fundamentals such as interest rate trends, inflation expectations and concerns, political instability in crude oil and gas producing countries, and extreme weather conditions. In recent years, energy has received a great deal of attention from many investors looking for trading opportunities due to the large price fluctuations. FXCA offers 5 types of energy brands with 2000 times the maximum leverage.

Swap points based on FXCA’s original calculation method

FXCA calculates swap points using a unique method based on the interbank market. Swap points fluctuate daily depending on various financial conditions such as interest rate conditions and price trends in the target currency countries. It is possible to trade for swap points of emerging market currencies such as Turkish lira, but there are also cases where payments occur. Also, please note that no swap points will be generated for futures CFDs.

Trade 24 hours a day in markets around the world

FXCA basically allows you to trade almost 24 hours from early Monday morning to early Saturday morning when the markets of major cities in each country are open. You can trade in virtual currencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and CFD products have different trading times for each stock. The trading hours differ between winter time and daylight saving time, and FXCA switches the server time zone according to the US daylight saving time and winter time.

Stock CFD

In stock CFD trading, you can deposit and sell margin and settle only the difference without owning the stock as an actual asset.
Therefore, it is possible to aim for profit not only in the rising phase of the stock price but also in the falling phase.
FXCA has a large selection of popular stocks such as well-known companies in the technology industry such as Google, Amazon, and Apple, as well as start-up companies with high expectations for future performance.

Execute 99.99% of transactions within 1 seconds

FXCA has set up data centers in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and provides a high-speed and stable trading environment by partnering with major liquidity providers such as FXCM PRO, B2Broker, and Leverate. In addition, in order to provide a trading environment that customers can use with peace of mind, FXCA is making efforts to further improve the service by disclosing the order execution results of the previous month.

Peace of mind with the introduction of the zero cut system

FXCA has introduced a loss cut and zero cut system to protect your valuable funds from the risk of debt. If the loss cut is not in time due to sudden price fluctuations and the balance becomes negative, you do not need to pay additional margin. In FXCA, margin call is activated when the margin maintenance rate of the trading account is below 30%, and loss cut is activated when the margin maintenance rate is below 20%.