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Registration is completed in the shortest 5 minutes! Open an FXCA account

FXCA offers trading accounts and trading tools to suit all your needs and trading styles.
Opening both personal and corporate accounts is very easy. All you have to do is register your account information and upload the required documents to start trading immediately.
Of course, there is no account opening fee.
If you are worried about trading with a real account, please try a demo account that allows you to experience trading just like a real one.
Let’s start trading immediately in a trading environment with high contract power and high leverage!

Selectable 2 Types of account types

FXCA offers 2 types of trading accounts that you can choose according to your trading style.
The STP account is a basic account that is popular with a wide range of traders from beginners to advanced traders, and the ECN account is an attractive account with low spreads without requotes or contract refusals.
Both accounts can be traded from 0.01 lot (1000 currencies), and you can use up to 2000 times the leverage.
Of course, you can trade with confidence because we have adopted a zero cut system without margin.

Various deposit and withdrawal methods are available

FXCA offers a variety of convenient and safe deposit and withdrawal methods, and also supports deposits in virtual currency.
The deposit and withdrawal fees are borne by FXCA in either method and can be used free of charge.
For FXCA deposits and withdrawals, we have introduced a system for depositing and withdrawing funds to a “wallet account” dedicated to fund management.
In order to protect personal information, we process payments using SSL technology and strive to improve the payment system quickly every day.

Compatible with all kinds of devices
Trading platform

FXCA offers a trading platform compatible with PCs and mobiles.
It is a big attraction to be able to trade a wide variety of trading stocks on one platform at the same time.
MT4 (MetaTrader4), which boasts the top market share in the industry and is attractive for its abundant EA, and MT5 (MetaTrader5), which was born as a successor tool and has excellent operating speed.
Choose the best trading environment for your trading style.