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FXCA’s abundant trading products

FXCA offers a large number of trading products to meet the needs of our customers.
It is possible to trade seamlessly on the same platform, supporting not only FX currency pairs of more than one type, but also stocks and virtual currencies.
We will continue to update all the products we handle and always provide the best stocks and trading conditions.
Leverage, trading hours, margin calculation method, etc. are different for each stock, so please see each trading page for details.

FX (currency pair)

The Forex market is the world’s most liquid financial market with a daily trading volume of approximately $ 6.6 trillion.
You can trade seamlessly 24 hours a day on weekdays, buy, sell and trade from either position.
FXCA We offer more than 2000 currency pairs with a leverage of up to 2000 times. We will support your trading with the industry’s highest level of contracting power and trading tools.


Metal is useful as a safe asset that is not affected by economic conditions, and is always popular as a long-term investment destination.
Gold, in particular, acts as a risk hedge in times of instability, as prices are less likely to be compromised during inflation.
In addition, silver, platinum, and palladium are often used as materials for technology products, and prices can be predicted in correlation with technological innovation. FXCA offers 5 types of metal brands with 2000 times the maximum leverage.


Prices of energy, including crude oil, can sometimes fluctuate significantly due to various fundamentals such as interest rate trends, inflation expectations and concerns, political instability in crude oil and gas producing countries, and extreme weather conditions. In recent years, energy has received a great deal of attention from many investors looking for trading opportunities due to the large price fluctuations. FXCA offers 5 types of energy brands with 2000 times the maximum leverage.


Soft commodities such as coffee, wheat and sugar have long been traded among many investors.
Investing in commodities, which are heavily influenced by factors such as supply and demand, geopolitical risk, and weather, can act as a risk hedge in times of economic instability by trading on the premise of a contract.
FXCA offers 5 types of commodity stocks with 2000 times the maximum leverage.


The index is calculated based on the weighted average of the stocks that belong to the actual division of the constituent stocks.
It is an indicator of the general direction of economic activity in a specific stock market or country, and because of its risk diversification, it is considered to be more suitable for stable investment than investment in specific stocks that are rapidly rising and falling.
FXCA offers popular index stocks such as US30 and JP225 types with 2000 times the maximum leverage.

Stock CFD

In stock CFD trading, you can deposit and sell margin and settle only the difference without owning the stock as an actual asset.
Therefore, it is possible to aim for profit not only in the rising phase of the stock price but also in the falling phase.
FXCA has a large selection of popular stocks such as well-known companies in the technology industry such as Google, Amazon, and Apple, as well as start-up companies with high expectations for future performance.


Cryptocurrencies, a global asset that is not controlled by governments or organizations, are not politically or economically affected.
Inflation hedging has become a popular target for many traders in recent years as prices are determined by the pure supply and demand of the market.
FXCA allows you to trade 5 types of virtual currencies, including popular currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with double leverage for 24 hours.